Year’s nearly over!!!!

OMG!!! The years nearly over and i’m so sad because i am going to leave Pap Sth. I am going to Kedgly.  I am going to miss all of my year 5 friend and all of the amazing teachers. The years gone SO fast!!!!!!!!



On Saturday I had a game of softball. I had to get up at 7:00 and get there a 9:30. I only got up at 7:00 because I needed to have a shower. When we got there it was 9:30. We had to warm up because we needed to throw far so we practiced our throwing.When it was 10:30 we started playing. We were versing Papatoe. My team is the Braves. We were Fielding first. My position was center field. That position is when you go to base 2 and go out field from there. In the end we lost. So sad.